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It seems the only time I'm at this pretty site is holidays. Perthie holidays. I spent a lovely lazy January in Melbourne reading and catching up on dvds. Happy days indeed. Some highlights - I watched all of s2 of Nurse Jackie in one big block, then ran around in circles for awhile, then watched all of s1 of Psychoville in another big block. Then tried to cram all my thoughts on their splendor into text messages because I was alone in the flat for just about the whole month.
I finally read Cat's Cradle and The Beautiful and Damned and The Age of Innocence and OHMYGOD David Mitchell's Ghostwritten. It must be something in the name that generates genius.

But Lou & Kym are back in Melbo now and I'm back in Perth, broke and longing for the east. Over Christmas Vanessa and Melanie were talking about a road trip, and in the heady optimism of xmas and the new year I jumped gleefully onboard - then it was organised while I was happy in my January cocoon and I realised I'd be cleaning out the old bank account again and missing two birthdays and a house warming and a tayg record in Melbourne. We did have fun, although it was odd. I flew in on Thursday night, we set off on Friday morning for Kalgoorlie. Vanessa, who works for native title and used to spend a lot of time in Kal, had suggested we should leave it for another time because it'd be crazy hot but Friday was grey and rainy the whole way out. We went on a bit of a pub crawl when we got there and were running up the street being pelted by rain and shivering. In freaking Kalgoorlie in February, it were insane. The reason we were staying in Kal was to go to Lake Ballard and see the sculptures and the salt and etc, but after a two hour drive out on the Saturday we got to the final leg, a 50km dirt road, to find it was closed because of the rain. Madness. So back to the hotel for swimming! and more drinking, card games and watching The Cup on one of the movie channels. I would announce the Shaun bits though ("You can't go to the loo now, you loon! There's a Shaun bit coming up."), which I do not think impressed the others, especially as I was kicking their arses at the cardses.

Speaking of the Shaunosaur - they're into the first lot of tayg records for series 4, which looks like being the last series. There's a new audience co-ordinator, which worried me, but it's been smooth sailing. She sent me out the info for all the shows and put my name down for two tickets for each although I had only inquired about dates. I was thrilled and scared. I'm missing this week's (and still feel a bit sick about it) but let me tell you about the first three nights.

Show one - was filmed by itself. I was going with two friends and some friends of theirs had tickets too, so there was a big group of us. They played trust me, no one knew what An Inconvenient Truth had won a second oscar for (best original song). When they got it wrong and Shaun was spinning the wheel and Amanda was yelling at him (just to give you an idea of how distracted everyone was) Shaun read out some extra facts about the movie and the song, including that Melissa Etheridge had sung it.
Then the show soldiered on. At the very end they were resetting the stage to do one pick up and Shaun came over to chat - warm-up guy was trying to find reasons to give out more raffle tickets so asked Shaun to ask questions. Shaun thought for a moment then asked who had sung the song that won the oscar for AIT. Silence from the crowd. Pope (warm-up guy) looked at him like he was mad and asked how he expected anyone to know, but I did know because I am BizarroShaun and the facts that stand out to him are the same facts that stand out to me. He asked again and I tentatively put up my hand. Pope had to ask me to repeat it, but Shaun had heard me (because I am BizarroShaun), and said "Melissa Etheridge!" in a voice full of awe and surprise.

Shows two and three - were filmed together. The first one was a Shakespeare special and at the beginning Shaun came out, as he always does, to chat to us and introduce the cast, although for this ep he was dressed beautifully as Richard III. I was sitting on the aisle and had so impressed Shaunus the week before that he remembered me, he waved at me and said "you were here last week, weren't you?" and at first it didn't compute that he was talking to me, because how ridiculous. I looked pathetically startled, then recovered and nodded. He asked my name then said "Don't give anything away. It's basically all the same jokes."
He came back half way through and said "I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name?" and I wanted to laugh and yelp "Don't be ridiculous! You're being ridiculous. Why are you talking to me at all, never mind worrying about my name. Ridiculous." He asked if I thought that show was better or worse than show one and I said better, of course, to the delight of replacement warm-up guy (this is significant, I think. Pope is nicely forgetful.) He kept talking to me. It was ridiculous.

Shows three and four - were filmed last Wednesday. During show three one of the games was Shaun reading the first line of a novel and the teams guessing which novel it was. One was the first line of Anna Karenina, which at first thrilled me, but then no one knew it and I felt cold. Then Shaun turned and asked the crowd and I wish, I wish I was the type of person who could yell out, because I think that knowledge would've impressed the Shaun more than remembering obscure things he'd said. But I'm not, and I didn't.
After show three I said goodbye to Annette and met Gemma, my companion for show four, feeling tired and hungry and thirsty and pathetic. It's a long night, particularly when one is pathetic. We were second row centre and about half way through the show Pope was demonstrating to Shaun a memory game he'd been playing, he had us each think of a noun then he'd remember them all in order. He was reciting them for Shaun, who turned to talk to a producer half way through then turned back and grinned and waved at me and said "Anne?" and I did my startled look again. What the what? He said it quietly, Pope was still reciting. Just to me. Ridiculous. When Pope finally finished and turned proudly to Shaun, Shaun said "Sorry, I missed that, could you go again?" :) then he said "That was just then, though. This young lady was here last week and her name is Anne. How's that for memory? That was a whole week ago."
It was a mad, mad night. Then the next day I was on a plane to Perth then the day after that I was driving (and driving and driving) out to Kalgoorlie and now I'm here trapped in all of Ma and Pete's crap (the only good thing about this gross house is dear Norman the storm. Best cat in the world, I think.) and I've spent all my money so am anxious and sad and if I'd not spent any money, stayed at home with the reading and the dvds, I would be able to get drunk at birthday parties and housewarmings and to go to tayg and have more adventures with Shaun, because we'd be bff's if I was there this week to talk to him about Tolstoy and Shakespeare, but I'm not and he'll forget and bah.

So that's my news. I also want to write a novel. About a warlord and an arms dealer who fall in love.

my choice one for the jukebox in the boganest bar in all of Kalgoorlie was Duck Sauce's Barbra Streisand for reasons like this.

I think the bogans were confused by us.
He has only danced to it once this series, but the lack of it only makes me love it more. My favourite was the time he had to consider who to give points to and he paced to it :)