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Oh well, you know what I mean.

At the pre-move op shop dump, in preparation for all their swish new furniture, including swish bookcases, Louis and Kym were going to chuck their non-swish books so I scooped some of them up, my bookcase being very un-swish (I got it for 20 bucks from the salvos). One of them was an Evelyn Waugh, which I read immediately. Another was The Razor's Edge, which never made it onto my holiday list, but my holiday list is flexible; consisting of any books in my bookcase that I haven't read, so I turned to it after I'd read Doctor at Large and thought I should have something meatier than Ben Elton. I didn't know anything about W. Somerset Maugham but for a Morecambe and Wise joke (in my head I still say W. Somerset Morecambe.) and am now ravenous for him. I gobbled up TRE in a day. I love that brand of between-the-wars book, Evelyn Waugh and F. Scott Fitzgerald (I've been reading his short stories too) and the like. I love those characters with nothing to do but lounge about in suits and hats smoking incessantly, drinking cocktails and champagne and being superficially happy and intensely sad. Where can one find characters like that these days?

I've been reading a lot these hols, I'm to poor to do anything else. Usually too poor even for train fare, oh woe. But I will insist on spending all my bucks on QI LIVE TICKETS, HOLY SHIT, I'M GOING TO DIE and Pulp and etc. QI Live still seems unreal to me, I want to shake Stephen Fry and yell 'YOU'RE KILLING ME' and I want to hug him and cry with gratitude.
I only found out about it just after the pre-sale began (I've been a recluse from tv and internet) and nearly threw up with the stress - phone calls to mums and brothers and running around searching for wifi (can you believe there's no fucking wifi at fucking highpoint? Are they fucking kidding?) and trying to imagine my budget for the next two months and how I'll possibly be able to afford it and also buy enough food not to starve to death before the QI's arrive. So I'm in debt now to ma and David-o, but might at last get the bond from oldplace back soon (that real estate agent was a crazy) so can pay the tickets off with even enough left to at last buy steel capped boots. They're not supposed to let me run around the workshop or the theatre at uni without them, I've only lasted this long because our course co-ordinator is a doll.
I will be at three of the Melbourne QI's, I've a front row seat for one. I'm still dreaming of worming my way into the others too. I wonder if I can apply for work experience at Her Majesty's.
I can't imagine them, it seems glorious. Will they bring the set over? What of guests, will they import some or have all Australians with the Stephen and the Alan? WILL THERE BE A MICALLEF? He seems inexplicably nervous in such contexts, when he is just himself, and turns a lot of that sort of thing down, but surely for QI...

I shouldn't think about it. I'll go hysterical.

Pulp instead. PULPPULPPULP. If Jarvis isn't a God then I don't want religion. They did not play Razzmatazz or Dishes :( but I don't think I would've wanted to do without anything they did play. Like a Friend! and I Spy! and Underwear! which I love.
I'm not good at music gigs, I haven't the enthusiasm for them that I have for comedy (I think I could watch even the worst live comedy for 12 hours a day for the rest of my life), I get tired and bored and distracted. Except with Pulp. My foot was awkwardly against someone's bag, so the side of it fell asleep and hurt for a day afterwards, and I hadn't eaten since my (admittedly late) lunch and I was crazy thirsty and yet AND YET I wish they'd gone for another hour. Another two.

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