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Holidays. Holidaisydays. The last tayg record was on Wednesday and we're moving in about a fortnight, that should occupy about a week with chaos, but in the before and aft what am I to do? I've been reading a little, watching dvds a little, and developing my internet stealing skills to cruise facebook and youtube a little, none of which gives one much sense of accomplishment. I would like to have an insane, intense love affair, I think, full of sound and fury (what it signifies don't matter, I just want some sound and fury). Or become a proper intense recluse, painting and writing all night and consuming nothing but coffee. Something intense, so by the end of the holidays I'm a broken husk or eloping to Paris.
I find, however, I'm too poor to even become a proper recluse. My kind of proper recluse requires lots of alcohol and cigarettes. Today I'm going to the shops to buy one packet of the cheapest pasta, which, along with the two or so cups of muesli I have left, I will live off for the next three days. This is how I spend my holiday.

The tayg records have been wonderful this last month. I made it to all four nights :D but the last two I only stayed for one episode, fatigue and poverty are my enemy. The Micallef remains as awe-inspiring as ever, one day he'll lead me to just fold up, throw in the towel. What could I, or anyone else for that matter, achieve. And now there are no more records for the whole rest of the year :-O) what have I to live for? This holiday is far too long.

There is little else to speak of. The books I'm reading are all the cheap, beaten up ones I bought for 20c from the library so I can donate them to an op shop and not have to pack them. There was a rather wonderful George Orwell, I am fond of him. The dvds I'm watching are the X-Files, but I've set it up like a chore, to watch them all, so, love it thought I do, I find myself rebelling against the deadline and wandering back to little laptop adventures. It's a three (almost four!) year old black macbook, just so you can picture the lovely. I like showing it off. You should see how beautifully organised my itunes library is, full of only fabulous songs labeled with uniform spelling and capital lettering and almost all with album artwork. This is how I spend my holiday.

I didn't like to admit it, and I have been keeping it at arms length, but the youtube I've been cruising is The Nanny. I used to watch it as a youngster but have not since fearing it would be dreadful and I would be disillusioned regarding all the wisdom and sensitivity I thought I had as a child, but then I was left in a room with series one and two and nothing else to watch but Charmed (eek) and they were not as disgraceful as I expected. Although Fran and Mr. Sheffield have no chemistry and the writing is all pretty basic sitcom fodder, still. I like Niles and CC :) Fran Drescher was much more in control than I realised, she actually seems a really savvy, witty person. They should've given more of that to the character. Also Ann Morgan Guilbert is my hero. She was in The Dick Van Dyke Show you know.

a grainy, French, sans Ann Guilbert clip (Lauren Lane though!).

Frasier's Niles had a heart attack too, I've been dipping back into that a lot.
God, I need a job.


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Jul. 3rd, 2011 05:07 am (UTC)
I didn't like to admit it, and I have been keeping it at arms length, but the youtube I've been cruising is The Nanny.

This is kinda how I feel about Friends. Re-runs are on ALL THE TIME and when there's nothing on but I feel like bumming about doing nothing I don't seem able to change the channel.

Also, I love The Dick Van Dyke show. Channel 31 used to show it in the afternoons, but I'm not sure they still do. If not, THEY SHOULD.
Jul. 3rd, 2011 06:10 am (UTC)
The Dick Van Dyke Show is so excellent, I get the dvds out of the library all the time. When my talents are recognised/I have some bucks I'm gonna buy them I think. I like Mary Tyler Moore's voice.

... I don't seem to be able to change the channel
I rely on faceless neighbours wireless for these Nanny adventures, but the stolen internet only seems to come through for a few hours each day, and I tell you, I'm worried about how addictive my stupid personality is. I sit here starving and busting for hours because I'm scared it's going to drop out any moment and the days I'm internet-less I end up pacing around my room because I'm too edgy to concentrate on any other show. It's the freaking Nanny, for freak's sake. I've started dissecting all the scenes and filling in the gaping holes in characterisation myself. And loving Lauren Lane, she's the best of them all, I think. :)
I'm sick, I tell you. I'll run out of this soon and fall properly into The X-Files which tends to just make me battier because it's perfect and complicated and oh my god. I really should at least try to get a holiday job.

P.S. Gallery times! JAARRVIISSSSS.

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