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Louis and Kym have been in Melbourne three days and are already better settled than I, those bloody bastardy stars. Although there's a flat available for rent in a building I've been illogically in love with since three months ago when another flat there came up and I did nothing. So I'm going to inspect in on Wednesday. Any ideas about what I could bribe the realtor with would be much appreciated (money is out. Sexual favours would do more harm than good. what do realtors like? headless bats?)

It's been all go since I got back from Perth. I'm a bit stunned by all the go. Most of it has been wonderful, I was "working" at the Writers at the Convent festival almost all weekend and it was such fun. I saw so many sessions it would never ordinarily have occurred to me to attend and they were all amazing. And Shaun's talk! I had tickets to ages ago, of course. He was originally talking to William McInnes who was ill, poor Bill, so Francis Greenslade stepped in! and thus was born one of the happiest Shauny interviews I've ever seen. God I love Francis, I want more of him.

Just before that joy I was tech-ing a session which included a book launch the Shaunosaur introduced. This almost drove me crazy. It's easy enough to set up the microphones and make people heard when there's just two nobodies sitting and talking, but when there's suddenly a lectern at the end that Shaun will be standing at I'm full of shaking and confusion. Festival director Simon jumped up and spoke first, luckily, because I did send it all to shit (well, I moved the wrong dial) and suddenly the slightly odd but friendly proper tech guy was leaping over me to make it all right. Meanwhile Shaun is sitting at the end of the front row gazing at me with disdain.
No, he's a love. I bought the new blue copy of Smithereens and had it signed afterwards and wanted to rhapsodise about how muchy I love it and how I got my yellow copy signed MORE THAN FIVE I mean SIX (holy moses) years ago after the Pleasure of their Company, and then rhapsodise about that a bit because I've still never, ever had so much fun as I had at those silly shows - but I said nothing but thanks and did nothing but grin. d'oh.

Also these two weeks I'm doing a full time course in the city (it's too close to the pretty book binding shop. I'm going to buy too many pretty bound notebooks) and getting a killer job as a result and my own killer flat (as mentioned) and writing a six part sitcom to star Francis and right now, going to the filming of Adam Hills' new show. Wearing the same clothes I had on yesterday with unbrushed teeth (I'm getting worse at the early mornings).
so huzzah.
The unbearable weather seems to have passed, but boy, for awhile there it was unbearable. We were promised a cyclone to make up for it but that was "canceled" (as a radio announcer put it, as though it called in sick.)
There have been occasional bouts of thunder and lightning in the distance, some splashes of rain, but mainly unbearable.

Today though, it is once again delightful. It was also delightful when I first came over, hot and dry and swimy weather all day then immediately cool and breezy and doona-snuggly all night. I do love the Perthy weathers, it's just the lack of Micallef I can't forgive.
I finally watched the Micallef Good News Week in it's entirety at 1am last night. He's far too good for the kitschy, flashy shambles that show has become. The audience started clapping along to Julia singing the little bit of Carry that Weight that was their strange but true clue, clapping along to Carry that Weight for freak's sake. I cringed.
Still, Micallef :)

I've watched a lot of old videos since being here. I found the episodes of the Glasshouse Corinne Grant hosted when Wil was in Edinburgh - I love them, I do wish there was just one panel show hosted by a lady. On one of the Corinne episodes they had two lady guests so on a panel of 5 there was only one bloke. It was quite a different dynamic but very great and why is there not even one show exploring that dynamic? grr.

Also binging on Newstopia and Robert Downey Jr movies, just for a change. I've bought 6 dvds since being here, 5 are RDJ movies. Melanie gave me Heart and Souls (enabler) and I happened to be with her when she stopped at Video Ezy yesterday so slipped the Singing Detective and Air America in with her haul. Eight in less than a fortnight, not too shabby. All this was inspired by Downey's awesomeness, of course, but also my frustration in trying to coax the director's cut of Zodiac into my arms. We just have the stupid regular one in stores here, and one can't buy just a regular David Fincher movie, so I ordered a whole stack of stuff from amazon uk including the special edition and was all excited about my own drunk Robert on a boat, then the next day got an email saying they're out of stock :(( I don't like ordering from the us amazon, don't they charge acres more for shipping?
I'll own it eventually, gawd damnit.
I think the number of Downey Jr movies on my shelves now surpasses the number of Peter Sellers movies, which is quite a feat.

I suppose I should also mention the engagement parties and birthdays that brought me over to this west coast. They were all grand.
I inflated the helium balloons for David and Chloe's engagement party (I left my camera in Melbo but took some phone snaps, don't you worry.) then got wankered on slushies and beer. I've still not quite got a handle on that little brother, but huzzah for him nonetheless. Also I'd never met Chloe's family before, at whose abode the party took place - she has twin sisters and an excellent, massive horse dog.

Vanessa's engagement was more of a wedding party - they'd hit the registry office that day, the cheeky buggers. There were high school people there and lots more beer (with some vaguely unpleasant, but alcoholic even so, wine). Another alcohol fueled visit. That night was rather too alcoholy, and the next day was one of the unbearably hot and stuffy ones, I was not a happy camper. But the party was lovely and Vanessa looked amazing in her foxy dress and her big smiles.

More to note - The King's Speech is magnifico. I love Rush and Firth massively, and the movie itself was fabulous never mind the awesomes in it.
We saw Black Swan and Somewhere too, both of which were good without really tickling me.

I've also been reading lots of childhood books (Emily of New Moon, anyone?) and running around with the dear cat. And swimming! My hair still smells of chlorine from yesterday and should probably be washed.
Besides which it's almost midday and I've not had any coffee or watched a RDJ movie :-O) so good day.
I'm bored of eating and drinking now. One more day then I can give it all up.

There was a flurry of activity when I got back from Perth at the beginning of the month; as well as Micallef's official book events I looked at an adorable flat and applied for a whole stack of jobs every day. I ESTIMATE for every 20 applications I send off I'll get one, maybe two, replies (I include auto-replies, even they give me a rush).
I do occasionally get interviews or trials but am subsequently never called back, not even with a "we hate you, never darken our doorstep again." I'm beginning to think it's something specifically about me. Anyway as it seems to garner the same results with far less stress to do absolutely nothing I've sunk back into that happy lifestyle.

Really I should go back to Perth, where there's much more work, for a year or so, or sign up for one of those London things where they guarantee you a job - never mind that it's some shitty pub job. I'm sure that would be much better for me, but I find I've become awkwardly attached to Melbourne. I'm uncertain why. I've not really made firm friends - at the moment the peeps I care about are interstate for the holidays. I thought city specific culture was reserved for more social beings than myself, but because the festival is here 1/13th of the time and the Micallef's and Lane's and Callinan's live here I can't leave.

some pictures for the new year.
(There's quite a strong theme - they're all smokin' :D I bought Charlie Bartlett for $6 last week and have watched it 3 times.)

and s'moreCollapse )
This strange house. I was blaming it for making me crazy but then booked an early ticket home, leaving tonight in fact, and am still forlorn. One begins to suspect it has nothing to do with my surrounds at all.

Since last we spoke I saw Due Date with Mel (oh, Robert Downey Jnr. Ooh.) and a good chunk of her Strangers with Candy box set. (OH COLBERT)

Went to Good Evening again on Saturday which was marvelous, of course. Shaunus goes beautifully mad on last nights. The Frog and Peach sketch was particularly resplendent. Stephen lay back on the stage amused/bemused and said to the audience "it's all right for you, you don't have to work with him."
Shaun ripped his blazer in the second sketch and broke his clipboard in one leg too few. I thought, being in the state I was (of course I had been drinking, need it even be pointed out?), that if I could get that blazer all would be well - how could life not be poetic and magical with my torso wrapped in a Micallef-ripped blazer every single day and night?
I was, however, reluctant to approach the lads again lest they go white and tense/call security after the shenanigans on Thursday. I tentatively asked some staff but no one had any information (the staff at His Majesty's seem particularly dazed/inexperienced, the dears) so in the end I did go around to the door. There were rather a lot of people I could sort of hide behind. Stephen was out first and I had the program this time to use as a shield. My pen didn't work properly.

of course there was no white tenseness. I think fans, audiences in general, tend to think themselves far more unique and noticeable to the folks on stage than they really are. I suppose it's jarring to think that absolutely all the significance lies on one side of the relationship. But generally it does (although Damian Callinan wrote a little something in reply to most of his facebook birthday messages and it pleased me no end to see 'Damian Callinan commented on your wall post' in my notifications). During the comedy festival a few times I stood on a lit stage and you can't see a freaking thing. As for meeting performers, apart from the really disturbing people, faces would be immediately forgotten. Perhaps a conversation would stick but probably not for long. So I was fine. Maybe a little drunker than I thought (but aren't I always). I'd had the whole show to sober up and felt quite respectable. Still I was last in line because of the fear. Luckily there was a boisterous woman with some friends in front of me who got photos and said "do you remember me??" quite forcefully to Shaun then sort of introduced me - she said something like "and there was this young lady too." because I was standing in the shadow behind the corner. I think she'd wanted to be last.
As he was signing the stupid program I said "that blazer that you ripped, what happens to that? ... I don't know, is that creepy?" and he laughed! That moment when I was tipsy and grinning and Shaun looked at me and laughed was just about the highlight of my life :) He explained he didn't know and, continuing with the pretense that it had been an adorable whim and not the basis of a whole life philosophy, I didn't mention it again. I told him I lived in Melbourne and had also seen the show last year in Sydney and we talked a little about how it had evolved. He was wearing the jacket (he'd grabbed it for his son) from a sketch with a writer arguing with a commissioner about how many times they can say bum, a sketch which is no longer in the show. He said "Stephen wore this in the sketch as a writer" and I nodded and said "bum" and he said "yes" which was also a lovely moment. I believe he also said "tits", which gave me thrills.

Then I had an excited discussion with the groovy pianist about music and my feeble piano lessons. So the boisterous lady got her wish and cornered Micallef for the walk out to the street - of course though he would've much preferred to speak to me. I said cheerio to them both and checked my phone moments after David Mitchell had tweeted.

It was lovely to have an almost proper conversation, and to have him say bums and tits to me, but still NO GOOD. I'm too curious about everything. There's so much more I want to know about the show, not to mention the book. It's no good. I'll just have to go mad.

Marieke Hardy has been posting little clips from a show she co-wrote which will begin in February - here is 40 seconds which was captioned "Hey! Ever imagined Shaun Micallef nestled between your thighs? Us too, that's why we wrote a tv show."

right-o. Perthie Perthie Perth Perth.
Well, it's been grand. David's not here, the weather's been surprisingly cool and the cat is adorable.

Tuesday night in Melbo I stayed at Gembots for easy skybus access and the cheeky devil kept me up all hours with Peep Show and Mitchelly QI's. I landed in Perth at 7.30am Wednesday after about 3 hours sleep then, after a few hours of chasing the cat for hugs, met Melania in the city and skipped to see young Shaun Micallef and Stephen Curry once more. The show's as grand as it ever was, if not grander because they're all cool and relaxeder.

By the showtimes though, I was completely bushed. I'm giving Shaunus' book to a kiwi pal for Christmas and wanted to get his scribble on it but we opted for the train and jammy-times instead.

Then last night Vanessa and Mel took me on a tour of some Perth bars I don't know because I was only 22 when I moved away and not yet out of my shell, as I irrefutably am now. Bars with cheap cocktails and raspberry flavoured beer. After which heading back to Her Majesty's to say hello to the lads seemed a stellar idea. Melanie and Vanessa are pillars of society/employed and drank in an accordingly sedate and mature way. I didn't, and although not yet disgraceful was quite ridiculous. We found the stage door and I felt awful for having only Shaun's book and not the program or something because Stephen Curry who is also, of course, a superstar, said hello and all I could do was say hello back.

I was very conscious of reeking of the booze so tried to lean away and cover my whole face with my hands and just generally look as stupid as I could, but I did manage to say to Shaun that I was giving the book as a gift, and that I had bought my copy at the Wheeler Centre the other week, which was just after I'd gotten back from Paris where I'd been to the catacombs and the d'Orsay, and I think I think he said "oh wow, you've lived it. I've only read about it." By then, of course, I was out. I can only speak so much, even pissed. But does that mean he's not been to Paris? How then did he write such an awescellent book?

There's also a booky bit set in London at Limehouse (I stayed there! in the same flat as a claw foot tub :D), and a whole chunk that takes place on September 13th 2005, which was totally my 21st. Psychic link much?

After gaining the scribble we wandered off. There's a sign saying there's going to be a Dr Seuss exhibit opposite His Majesty's but Mel couldn't find any info about it online so I took a photo of the gals in front of the sign, then realised they were in front of the sign that didn't have the dates or times so I took another in front of the other sign, yelling and dancing all the while. Then I hit Mel in the arm slightly too exuberantly and tried to make it better (mostly by it hitting it more) and then Shaun was behind us saying "good night, girls." He'd been on the other side of the street thinking me a freak the whole time, oh sigh.

current news - I'm in the process of uploading travel pics to facebook, jeepers but it's an exhausting process. I've also changed mum's desktop to this

just btw 14/07/74 was a Sunday, and 7^2 minus 10% remains pretty steady which I think means every date in every non-leap year is a Tuesday/Lee is a witch.
Never mind that though, 0.27 = :DDD

I wasn't going to go over to Perth for Christmas this year because I'm BROKE and need to FOCUS FOR PETE'S SAKE (I had a dream I was working for the comedy festival last night. I was in the festival club jabbing at an ipad. A girl with blonde curly hair was waiting for me as though I were important) in order to make dreams such as Pulp and Edinburgh 2011 come true. A friendlington is having her engagement party on the 20th of Jan so I considered nipping over just for that. Then ma called last night and foolishly mentioned that Shaunus and Stephen Curry are doing Good Evening over there next week, so I leave Tuesday.
Family Christmas? Whatever. Dear friend who probably won't have a proper wedding shindig so is going all out for the engagement? Ok, maybe. But Micallef (who muct be sick of the sight of me) showtime adventures that I have seen in both Sydney and Melbourne - how could I resist?

I saw the man himself waving his book about on Monday night. He were rad. Preincarnate didn't bowl me over quite to the extent I expected it too, but then my expectations may have been a tad/impossibly high. Anyway I was still bowled pretty damn far over. It's all over Paris! Shaunus and interviewer talked about the catacombs and the Gare d'Orsay gets a look in at page one - I was at both of those places barely a fortnight ago :D so the book and I bonded immediately.

added Shauny fact - that was my tayg on last night, mine. The card he holds up to the camera is the one that lives on my bookcase.
actually of interest - Smithereens will be re-released at the end of January ! huzzah.
I should know better than to pass any judgement on the weather here in spring. Today it's all brollies and jumpers.

Last round of photos and perhaps a word on the trip itself?
highlights - little comedy night in Clerkenwell with Carol, yay. In the interval the curly haired mc spotted my Goodies shirt under my jumper and gave me a hug. He said "how is it an Australian knows about the Goodies?" and I was smug, although I don't think it's that rare, surely.
other pub nights in Italy and London.
Italian pizza.
Australian girl on the train from Naples to Milan that I had to get because of the Paris transport strikes (long, complicated but happy story).
the Louvre.
the rest of Paris.
oh, the wedding :) which really was delightful.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

now, what you've been waiting forCollapse )
I must say I'm rather enjoying this jetlag. I'm trying to hold onto it. Last night I made it through tayg without issue - by the by how perfectly exquisite was Shaun's delight at Amanda's despair? Perhaps I've been missing the excessive amounts of Micallef I usually need to get through the week so this dose hit me particularly hard, but man-o I laughed-o.

Then I was suddenly exhausted and in bed at 9.30 but up again before 4am. It is such fun watching dvds as the sun comes up. The birds do seem outrageously chirpy as it gets light but to be fair the weather has been absurdly delicious; enough to make anyone break into song.

as promised/threatened - photos part due.Collapse )

huzzah, I'm back. Have had some terrific jetlag (by which I mean it's been terrific, waking at 3am feels silly and special.) and some not terrific illness. Spent yesterday in bed weak as a kitten. Mewling a lot too.

I have photos! I tried to be ruthless in my selection but what can I say, my photography skills are the shizzle. This is the first shift.

fotossCollapse )
At the airport I am. What's happened lately - this weekend I've been insanely ill :D just when the Paris hotel situation was getting desperate I swooned or gagged every time I tried to sit up straight. yay.

I only missed a few Fringe shows I really wanted to see. The Fringe Festival is always a sad disappointment beside the comedy festival, I go to the Fringe club with such expectations - it could never live up. Poor little Fringe. I did go to Elbowskin's Comedy Degustation last Monday, that were rad. Ernie kept pouring us extra wine because we turned our noses up at the food :) And DamCal did a bit from the Merger, his comedy festival show, then after the show had a glass of wine with the other lads then left on a bicycle !!! lovelovelove.

I should have more to say ... this illness has knocked me out man. I'm still not so gung-ho about tackling Paris alones, but am excited to see the mother country again. I hadn't realised how much I missed being there until I started thinking about it properly, rather than just freaking out about where I'm staying, how many bucks I have, how to navigate the Europe.
Which reminds me I finally got a eurail pass yesterday, I spoke to a lovely lad (but I always fall in love with travel agents) called Blake at Box Hill and he spoke to someone in Brisbane and it was couriered over in a matter of hours. Trains!

Sorry folks. I had about 4 hours sleep last night. More again from the other side.