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Back in Perth AGAIN. Although it feels very different this time. For a start ma wasn't there to pick me up from the airport :-O) each of my familiar airports have such a different feel - I'm always by myself at Melbourne and always with Ma and various others at Perth but this time had to buy my own coffee and get the bus! outrageous. Then wander around the city then make my way to a Perth Comedy Festival free event - media versus comedians at the Mt Lawley Lawn Bowls Club :D I had been disappointed to arrive in Perth the morning after the Pajama Men's last show but they were there playing lawn bowls and being awesome.

Also THE REASON I arrived on Sunday, rather than for some Pajamafun on Saturday, was because the Williamstown Literary Festival was last weekend and the Shaun had an event on Saturday afternoon. It was, of course, a delight, and afterwards (unprompted!) he said "We've met before, haven't we?" not "You've been in my audience before." or "You've been following me around, you freak." We've MET. So I awkwardly reminded him and he said "That's right! Are you coming to the new show??" seeming genuinely excited (POSSIBLY about the show itself rather than my presence there) and I said "Yes! Well, I've put my name down." and he told me all the dates and where it was being filmed as though he had to convince me, the delightful old fool. I miss happy Melbourney Shauny things.

Perth - I am working, another weirdness. For the comedy festival so I haven't been able to see anyone hardly, except Melissa who is judging for the festival. And a festival photographer who I went to high school with. I had a 14 hour day on Wednesday, bumping in then doing tech runs for the three shows I'm operating then the actual shows. During the tech runs I was the only person in the room with the performers and was in very real danger of having panic attacks every 15 minutes. Actually any time I'm safe at home in my pj's I wonder how awful it would be if I just ran away. When in the room I'm ok. It is fun, it's just being the only one there that kills me. I want another operator or an SM to hold my hand but no. If something goes wrong then I'M IT.
I am a good operator though, so there. Mainly because I get so anxious I read over every cue ten times. It is fun, really it is. I've got a good lot of shows - J.J Eaton, Mike G, Conway's Tonight Show this week then Jimmy J and Mike end and Emma Z and Xavier begin next week. And four more Johns.

Still I cannot wait for it to be over. An after party and getting paid proper money! Then back to Melbourne for happy set classes (they're building a massive weird tent for a show at the moment and I'm missing it. This is actually a sore point, so much so I dreamt about that damn tent last night) and Shaun's new show! Begins filming in 12 days - that isn't such a long time.