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On holidays again, in Perth again. I arrived at stupid o'clock this morn, because that's when the cheapness is, just before a monster thunderstorm. I went through some of the boxes of my things still remaining here and was forlorn because I can't rescue it all :( then came on this interweb and, with time to actually read things on facebook and twitter, am realising how much awesome I'm missing in Melbourne. Damnit Melbourne and damnit Christianity forcing my family onto me. Or me onto them. Just damn.

boy, this weather. I was looking forward to some consistent, dry-hot Perthy weather but nothin'doin'.

and I miss my dvds and am still a bit weirded out by the thought of three months of nothing. We had end of year interviews for which I was unaccountably nervous. Mine turned out to be George handing back paperwork and telling me how fabulous I am. Sigh, such a chore.
But I already feel the festival looming ahead of me (I mean running away from me) and don't know how to find proper work and don't know what I want to do with any precision anyway. We went to a recording of a tv show the other day and I wanted to be the one in black running around and the one behind the sound desk and the one building the sets. It was a Working Dog production and Mr Tom and Mr Santo and Mr Rob were all sitting in the dark next to the seating banks following the show and laughing and being producers.
I want little theatre companies too (I've been inspired by Jonathon Young and his excellent suits) and writing and I had a brief go at assistant stage managering for our last show this year and although I hated having to herd all the evil performers (they were dolls really, I just don't cope well with the talking to people) I like the idea of being the organised one in the box calling the cues. Maybe that's too much responsibility. Maybe I could just get a pos looking after Mr. Young's suits.

I thought I could make it through the day without a nap but the day is three hours longer than usual and I got no rest on the plane (there were old episodes of tayg to watch, god bless you qantas) and it's only quarter past one and I'm suddenly not so sure.

More thunder. It's no fun without my doona and dvds.