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"Don't get mentally irregular."

long time, journalonians.

The past fortnight was supposed to be our mid semester break, but we were roped into working the Circus Festival. The National Institute of Circus Arts is right next door, although they used our theatre too. Some of the others were over at NICA for 14 hour days all week, but George doesn't have that much faith in me :( actually, I've been making that whinge since we got the timetables but although I only had one job for four evenings in our own familiar theatre, it was a freaking intense one. We were introduced to the performer and the sort of stage manager (although she wasn't calling cues), we bumped in, went through the show quickly in which time Guy had to wrestle the sound system and the av program into submission and I had to PLOT ALL THE LIGHTING CUES :-O) so I'm a proper lighting designer now. Fuck, it was terrifying. We had less than four hours to not only do all that but go through our one and only tech run. Next night the audience was in, we were still really unfamiliar with the show and had no one calling cues. It was INTENSE. But lots of fun, in the end.

I don't think my lighting design quite did her justice.

We had a go on her hula hoops, I can't believe how much harder it is than it looks. I swear I used to be able to do it.

The show also involved some ace clips. This one in particular sent Guy and I into a frenzy in the bio box. (the sound was better on Marawa's)

Also Louis and Kym are currently trundling across Americaland - I have the flat to myself. I don't tend to realise how weird and wrong I am until I have to spend either a lot of time with other people or a lot of time alone. I think I've normalised slightly since the show, but the first four days after they left found me in crusty pj's living off potato chips and coffee and watching Sherlock over and over again. Or getting drunk and watching the Rocky movies (still in crusty pj's). Rocky is an excellent move to watch drunk, although perhaps not alone. I had to convey my brilliant and insightful commentary via text.