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Ross Sparks

Gosh, how long it's been. How you've grown.

The festival - was strange and lovely, as it always is, I suppose. I was even poorer than usual as well as far busier than usual, not a happy combination. It all wrapped up with the Pajama Men's last show of the run, theirs was the only show I saw more than once :( and at first I felt guilty considering there were so many excellent shows I didn't go to at all, but as soon as they skipped onstage I wished I'd been there every night. It was a lovely chaotic last show, and there was merch and signing afterwards, extras which had been sadly lacking the first time. They're lovely and beautiful and they talked to us in their lovely, beautiful way. There was quite an easy conversation happening inside my head but in reality I said nothing of worth at all. I especially wished I'd asked Shenoah about his excellent name and his excellent tattoo.
here's a show highlight - this was just last Sunday.
Mark (playing a female character) - we went to a comedy show for our first date ... (scanning the front row) look, there we are.
Shenoah - I don't know, it looks like you and your date might be related.
(they weren't related but didn't seem to be dating either.)
Mark (trying to get them to make out) - come on! It's Easter Sunday!
Shenoah - cos nothing makes me want to bone a stranger like the risin' of the Lord.

it was an odd time though. I started my course mid-festival which, although grande, is also tres full-on-e. I like the work and all the people (there are only 12 of us), even the little 17 year olds, are interesting and friendly, and the course co-ordinator is molto bene. But we're there 40+ hours a week. I'm not used to having to schedule so precisely in order to visit the bank or the post office or FUCKING CENTRELINK fucking centrelink. Why do they hate students so much? It was easier (although more soul crushing) dealing with them as a dole-bludger. Austudy is nothing. And we're at the Prahran campus, which is right on Chapel street with all sorts of cool food and cool shops right there (it's a good bit of Chapel street, not the designer store stupid bit) to explore during our lunch (and often dinner) breaks. The stress is intense.
So although I enjoy the work I still feel very wary, like I could fall apart and give up at any moment.

more stress in a pleasant disguise: we looked at a house yesterday, a beautiful house I verily want. In Williamstown up the road from the Literary Festival, which I was volunteering at, blowing off more uni because Micallef was there for a session. As it turned out I was supposed to escort him and Corinne over to the room, although the woman introducing the session took them really and I just followed. I don't like the person I am in such situations, Micallefy, Shenoahy situations. I can't function properly, I start thinking in a weird abstract manner rather than appreciating the moment. if they register my presence at all they should feel such scorn for me and my feeble flailings. SIGH. I like to think it's because I'm not reaching my potential but realistically I think this is it. I just don't deserve to be there. sigh again.

Anyway, this is a rare nothing day and as I obviously can't afford to go anywhere I'm going to eat some peas and pickles (I think we have bread too!) and learn the Pajama Men dvd by heart.
Mark - uh, it is Friday at (checks phone) 14.22. Whatever that means, and we are...
Shenoah - I think that's the.. the year.
Mark - oh, wow.


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May. 1st, 2011 07:18 am (UTC)

OMG I can't work out why the dole is more than Austudy. You would think at the very least they'd be the same. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.
May. 2nd, 2011 04:08 am (UTC)
Ross. Stevens. Sparks.
You have to pause in between. You could go to the bank during that pause. Ross...
Do I have a deposit slip? No I don't have a fucking deposit slip, I though you'd have one, here at the bank.

It was quite a rude shock to discover how little austudy is. It makes no sense to me either, it's a powerful incentive to give up study. They want to keep us stupid. Bastards.
Hopefully when we move in to the wily Willy house they'll give me more rent assistance or something. BASTARDS.
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