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Back in Perth AGAIN. Although it feels very different this time. For a start ma wasn't there to pick me up from the airport :-O) each of my familiar airports have such a different feel - I'm always by myself at Melbourne and always with Ma and various others at Perth but this time had to buy my own coffee and get the bus! outrageous. Then wander around the city then make my way to a Perth Comedy Festival free event - media versus comedians at the Mt Lawley Lawn Bowls Club :D I had been disappointed to arrive in Perth the morning after the Pajama Men's last show but they were there playing lawn bowls and being awesome.

Also THE REASON I arrived on Sunday, rather than for some Pajamafun on Saturday, was because the Williamstown Literary Festival was last weekend and the Shaun had an event on Saturday afternoon. It was, of course, a delight, and afterwards (unprompted!) he said "We've met before, haven't we?" not "You've been in my audience before." or "You've been following me around, you freak." We've MET. So I awkwardly reminded him and he said "That's right! Are you coming to the new show??" seeming genuinely excited (POSSIBLY about the show itself rather than my presence there) and I said "Yes! Well, I've put my name down." and he told me all the dates and where it was being filmed as though he had to convince me, the delightful old fool. I miss happy Melbourney Shauny things.

Perth - I am working, another weirdness. For the comedy festival so I haven't been able to see anyone hardly, except Melissa who is judging for the festival. And a festival photographer who I went to high school with. I had a 14 hour day on Wednesday, bumping in then doing tech runs for the three shows I'm operating then the actual shows. During the tech runs I was the only person in the room with the performers and was in very real danger of having panic attacks every 15 minutes. Actually any time I'm safe at home in my pj's I wonder how awful it would be if I just ran away. When in the room I'm ok. It is fun, it's just being the only one there that kills me. I want another operator or an SM to hold my hand but no. If something goes wrong then I'M IT.
I am a good operator though, so there. Mainly because I get so anxious I read over every cue ten times. It is fun, really it is. I've got a good lot of shows - J.J Eaton, Mike G, Conway's Tonight Show this week then Jimmy J and Mike end and Emma Z and Xavier begin next week. And four more Johns.

Still I cannot wait for it to be over. An after party and getting paid proper money! Then back to Melbourne for happy set classes (they're building a massive weird tent for a show at the moment and I'm missing it. This is actually a sore point, so much so I dreamt about that damn tent last night) and Shaun's new show! Begins filming in 12 days - that isn't such a long time.
It seems the only time I'm at this pretty site is holidays. Perthie holidays. I spent a lovely lazy January in Melbourne reading and catching up on dvds. Happy days indeed. Some highlights - I watched all of s2 of Nurse Jackie in one big block, then ran around in circles for awhile, then watched all of s1 of Psychoville in another big block. Then tried to cram all my thoughts on their splendor into text messages because I was alone in the flat for just about the whole month.
I finally read Cat's Cradle and The Beautiful and Damned and The Age of Innocence and OHMYGOD David Mitchell's Ghostwritten. It must be something in the name that generates genius.

But Lou & Kym are back in Melbo now and I'm back in Perth, broke and longing for the east. Over Christmas Vanessa and Melanie were talking about a road trip, and in the heady optimism of xmas and the new year I jumped gleefully onboard - then it was organised while I was happy in my January cocoon and I realised I'd be cleaning out the old bank account again and missing two birthdays and a house warming and a tayg record in Melbourne. We did have fun, although it was odd. I flew in on Thursday night, we set off on Friday morning for Kalgoorlie. Vanessa, who works for native title and used to spend a lot of time in Kal, had suggested we should leave it for another time because it'd be crazy hot but Friday was grey and rainy the whole way out. We went on a bit of a pub crawl when we got there and were running up the street being pelted by rain and shivering. In freaking Kalgoorlie in February, it were insane. The reason we were staying in Kal was to go to Lake Ballard and see the sculptures and the salt and etc, but after a two hour drive out on the Saturday we got to the final leg, a 50km dirt road, to find it was closed because of the rain. Madness. So back to the hotel for swimming! and more drinking, card games and watching The Cup on one of the movie channels. I would announce the Shaun bits though ("You can't go to the loo now, you loon! There's a Shaun bit coming up."), which I do not think impressed the others, especially as I was kicking their arses at the cardses.

Speaking of the Shaunosaur - they're into the first lot of tayg records for series 4, which looks like being the last series. There's a new audience co-ordinator, which worried me, but it's been smooth sailing. She sent me out the info for all the shows and put my name down for two tickets for each although I had only inquired about dates. I was thrilled and scared. I'm missing this week's (and still feel a bit sick about it) but let me tell you about the first three nights. !!e';lo?uq[07` :DCollapse )

So that's my news. I also want to write a novel. About a warlord and an arms dealer who fall in love.

my choice one for the jukebox in the boganest bar in all of Kalgoorlie was Duck Sauce's Barbra Streisand for reasons like this.

I think the bogans were confused by us.
He has only danced to it once this series, but the lack of it only makes me love it more. My favourite was the time he had to consider who to give points to and he paced to it :)
On holidays again, in Perth again. I arrived at stupid o'clock this morn, because that's when the cheapness is, just before a monster thunderstorm. I went through some of the boxes of my things still remaining here and was forlorn because I can't rescue it all :( then came on this interweb and, with time to actually read things on facebook and twitter, am realising how much awesome I'm missing in Melbourne. Damnit Melbourne and damnit Christianity forcing my family onto me. Or me onto them. Just damn.

boy, this weather. I was looking forward to some consistent, dry-hot Perthy weather but nothin'doin'.

and I miss my dvds and am still a bit weirded out by the thought of three months of nothing. We had end of year interviews for which I was unaccountably nervous. Mine turned out to be George handing back paperwork and telling me how fabulous I am. Sigh, such a chore.
But I already feel the festival looming ahead of me (I mean running away from me) and don't know how to find proper work and don't know what I want to do with any precision anyway. We went to a recording of a tv show the other day and I wanted to be the one in black running around and the one behind the sound desk and the one building the sets. It was a Working Dog production and Mr Tom and Mr Santo and Mr Rob were all sitting in the dark next to the seating banks following the show and laughing and being producers.
I want little theatre companies too (I've been inspired by Jonathon Young and his excellent suits) and writing and I had a brief go at assistant stage managering for our last show this year and although I hated having to herd all the evil performers (they were dolls really, I just don't cope well with the talking to people) I like the idea of being the organised one in the box calling the cues. Maybe that's too much responsibility. Maybe I could just get a pos looking after Mr. Young's suits.

I thought I could make it through the day without a nap but the day is three hours longer than usual and I got no rest on the plane (there were old episodes of tayg to watch, god bless you qantas) and it's only quarter past one and I'm suddenly not so sure.

More thunder. It's no fun without my doona and dvds.

"Don't get mentally irregular."

long time, journalonians.

The past fortnight was supposed to be our mid semester break, but we were roped into working the Circus Festival. The National Institute of Circus Arts is right next door, although they used our theatre too. Some of the others were over at NICA for 14 hour days all week, but George doesn't have that much faith in me :( actually, I've been making that whinge since we got the timetables but although I only had one job for four evenings in our own familiar theatre, it was a freaking intense one. We were introduced to the performer and the sort of stage manager (although she wasn't calling cues), we bumped in, went through the show quickly in which time Guy had to wrestle the sound system and the av program into submission and I had to PLOT ALL THE LIGHTING CUES :-O) so I'm a proper lighting designer now. Fuck, it was terrifying. We had less than four hours to not only do all that but go through our one and only tech run. Next night the audience was in, we were still really unfamiliar with the show and had no one calling cues. It was INTENSE. But lots of fun, in the end.

I don't think my lighting design quite did her justice.

We had a go on her hula hoops, I can't believe how much harder it is than it looks. I swear I used to be able to do it.

The show also involved some ace clips. This one in particular sent Guy and I into a frenzy in the bio box. (the sound was better on Marawa's)

Also Louis and Kym are currently trundling across Americaland - I have the flat to myself. I don't tend to realise how weird and wrong I am until I have to spend either a lot of time with other people or a lot of time alone. I think I've normalised slightly since the show, but the first four days after they left found me in crusty pj's living off potato chips and coffee and watching Sherlock over and over again. Or getting drunk and watching the Rocky movies (still in crusty pj's). Rocky is an excellent move to watch drunk, although perhaps not alone. I had to convey my brilliant and insightful commentary via text.
Oh well, you know what I mean.

At the pre-move op shop dump, in preparation for all their swish new furniture, including swish bookcases, Louis and Kym were going to chuck their non-swish books so I scooped some of them up, my bookcase being very un-swish (I got it for 20 bucks from the salvos). One of them was an Evelyn Waugh, which I read immediately. Another was The Razor's Edge, which never made it onto my holiday list, but my holiday list is flexible; consisting of any books in my bookcase that I haven't read, so I turned to it after I'd read Doctor at Large and thought I should have something meatier than Ben Elton. I didn't know anything about W. Somerset Maugham but for a Morecambe and Wise joke (in my head I still say W. Somerset Morecambe.) and am now ravenous for him. I gobbled up TRE in a day. I love that brand of between-the-wars book, Evelyn Waugh and F. Scott Fitzgerald (I've been reading his short stories too) and the like. I love those characters with nothing to do but lounge about in suits and hats smoking incessantly, drinking cocktails and champagne and being superficially happy and intensely sad. Where can one find characters like that these days?

I've been reading a lot these hols, I'm to poor to do anything else. Usually too poor even for train fare, oh woe. But I will insist on spending all my bucks on QI LIVE TICKETS, HOLY SHIT, I'M GOING TO DIE and Pulp and etc. QI Live still seems unreal to me, I want to shake Stephen Fry and yell 'YOU'RE KILLING ME' and I want to hug him and cry with gratitude.
I only found out about it just after the pre-sale began (I've been a recluse from tv and internet) and nearly threw up with the stress - phone calls to mums and brothers and running around searching for wifi (can you believe there's no fucking wifi at fucking highpoint? Are they fucking kidding?) and trying to imagine my budget for the next two months and how I'll possibly be able to afford it and also buy enough food not to starve to death before the QI's arrive. So I'm in debt now to ma and David-o, but might at last get the bond from oldplace back soon (that real estate agent was a crazy) so can pay the tickets off with even enough left to at last buy steel capped boots. They're not supposed to let me run around the workshop or the theatre at uni without them, I've only lasted this long because our course co-ordinator is a doll.
I will be at three of the Melbourne QI's, I've a front row seat for one. I'm still dreaming of worming my way into the others too. I wonder if I can apply for work experience at Her Majesty's.
I can't imagine them, it seems glorious. Will they bring the set over? What of guests, will they import some or have all Australians with the Stephen and the Alan? WILL THERE BE A MICALLEF? He seems inexplicably nervous in such contexts, when he is just himself, and turns a lot of that sort of thing down, but surely for QI...

I shouldn't think about it. I'll go hysterical.

Pulp instead. PULPPULPPULP. If Jarvis isn't a God then I don't want religion. They did not play Razzmatazz or Dishes :( but I don't think I would've wanted to do without anything they did play. Like a Friend! and I Spy! and Underwear! which I love.
I'm not good at music gigs, I haven't the enthusiasm for them that I have for comedy (I think I could watch even the worst live comedy for 12 hours a day for the rest of my life), I get tired and bored and distracted. Except with Pulp. My foot was awkwardly against someone's bag, so the side of it fell asleep and hurt for a day afterwards, and I hadn't eaten since my (admittedly late) lunch and I was crazy thirsty and yet AND YET I wish they'd gone for another hour. Another two.

I'm creaky and headachy from being strangely curled on my bed looking at a laptop screen all day long (how is it 9.30?), and very hungry and smelly from being in the same clothes for two days.

a glimpse at how exquisite my itunes is - all in a row it has played Ingrid Michaelson's You and I and Pulp's PTA (22 DAYS) and Leonard Cohan's Avalanche and Nick Cave's Up Jumped the Devil and now it's playing Monty Python's Finland. So I don't want to get up to find food. Or shower.

I should've done some packing/cleaning. The real estate agent will be round tomorrow to measure for new carpets (ideal tenants though we are even we cannot keep decrepit beige carpet looking presentable.) but I'm happy to write off today. Perhaps tomorrow things will get done.

What a thrilling post.
Holidays. Holidaisydays. The last tayg record was on Wednesday and we're moving in about a fortnight, that should occupy about a week with chaos, but in the before and aft what am I to do? I've been reading a little, watching dvds a little, and developing my internet stealing skills to cruise facebook and youtube a little, none of which gives one much sense of accomplishment. I would like to have an insane, intense love affair, I think, full of sound and fury (what it signifies don't matter, I just want some sound and fury). Or become a proper intense recluse, painting and writing all night and consuming nothing but coffee. Something intense, so by the end of the holidays I'm a broken husk or eloping to Paris.
I find, however, I'm too poor to even become a proper recluse. My kind of proper recluse requires lots of alcohol and cigarettes. Today I'm going to the shops to buy one packet of the cheapest pasta, which, along with the two or so cups of muesli I have left, I will live off for the next three days. This is how I spend my holiday.

The tayg records have been wonderful this last month. I made it to all four nights :D but the last two I only stayed for one episode, fatigue and poverty are my enemy. The Micallef remains as awe-inspiring as ever, one day he'll lead me to just fold up, throw in the towel. What could I, or anyone else for that matter, achieve. And now there are no more records for the whole rest of the year :-O) what have I to live for? This holiday is far too long.

There is little else to speak of. The books I'm reading are all the cheap, beaten up ones I bought for 20c from the library so I can donate them to an op shop and not have to pack them. There was a rather wonderful George Orwell, I am fond of him. The dvds I'm watching are the X-Files, but I've set it up like a chore, to watch them all, so, love it thought I do, I find myself rebelling against the deadline and wandering back to little laptop adventures. It's a three (almost four!) year old black macbook, just so you can picture the lovely. I like showing it off. You should see how beautifully organised my itunes library is, full of only fabulous songs labeled with uniform spelling and capital lettering and almost all with album artwork. This is how I spend my holiday.

I didn't like to admit it, and I have been keeping it at arms length, but the youtube I've been cruising is The Nanny. I used to watch it as a youngster but have not since fearing it would be dreadful and I would be disillusioned regarding all the wisdom and sensitivity I thought I had as a child, but then I was left in a room with series one and two and nothing else to watch but Charmed (eek) and they were not as disgraceful as I expected. Although Fran and Mr. Sheffield have no chemistry and the writing is all pretty basic sitcom fodder, still. I like Niles and CC :) Fran Drescher was much more in control than I realised, she actually seems a really savvy, witty person. They should've given more of that to the character. Also Ann Morgan Guilbert is my hero. She was in The Dick Van Dyke Show you know.

a grainy, French, sans Ann Guilbert clip (Lauren Lane though!).

Frasier's Niles had a heart attack too, I've been dipping back into that a lot.
God, I need a job.
They started the second block of filmings last week, I stayed for both episodes, and hope to do the same this week. One was a law and order special, they were all dressed as tv cops - Josh was Mr Plod :) and Shaun! SHAUN was Fraser from Due South :-O)) Stewart the meercat popped up with a little white coat as Diefenbaker xoxo
It's getting so I need almost daily doses of this awesome to counteract the stress.
I missed a fabulous sounding show on Friday due to the poverty :( It cut me up so bad I had to book a weekend in Sydney when Shaunus is presenting the music of John Williams at the Opera House. I'm going to become homeless then die, I think. But I'll wait until after the weekend in Sydney.

a question from the law and order speical.
"true or false, in a special aired on April fools day 2003 for more than half the episode the part of Inspector Rex was played by a cat."

a picture from the Wizard of Oz special

Ross Sparks

Gosh, how long it's been. How you've grown.

The festival - was strange and lovely, as it always is, I suppose. I was even poorer than usual as well as far busier than usual, not a happy combination. It all wrapped up with the Pajama Men's last show of the run, theirs was the only show I saw more than once :( and at first I felt guilty considering there were so many excellent shows I didn't go to at all, but as soon as they skipped onstage I wished I'd been there every night. It was a lovely chaotic last show, and there was merch and signing afterwards, extras which had been sadly lacking the first time. They're lovely and beautiful and they talked to us in their lovely, beautiful way. There was quite an easy conversation happening inside my head but in reality I said nothing of worth at all. I especially wished I'd asked Shenoah about his excellent name and his excellent tattoo.
here's a show highlight - this was just last Sunday.
Mark (playing a female character) - we went to a comedy show for our first date ... (scanning the front row) look, there we are.
Shenoah - I don't know, it looks like you and your date might be related.
(they weren't related but didn't seem to be dating either.)
Mark (trying to get them to make out) - come on! It's Easter Sunday!
Shenoah - cos nothing makes me want to bone a stranger like the risin' of the Lord.

it was an odd time though. I started my course mid-festival which, although grande, is also tres full-on-e. I like the work and all the people (there are only 12 of us), even the little 17 year olds, are interesting and friendly, and the course co-ordinator is molto bene. But we're there 40+ hours a week. I'm not used to having to schedule so precisely in order to visit the bank or the post office or FUCKING CENTRELINK fucking centrelink. Why do they hate students so much? It was easier (although more soul crushing) dealing with them as a dole-bludger. Austudy is nothing. And we're at the Prahran campus, which is right on Chapel street with all sorts of cool food and cool shops right there (it's a good bit of Chapel street, not the designer store stupid bit) to explore during our lunch (and often dinner) breaks. The stress is intense.
So although I enjoy the work I still feel very wary, like I could fall apart and give up at any moment.

more stress in a pleasant disguise: we looked at a house yesterday, a beautiful house I verily want. In Williamstown up the road from the Literary Festival, which I was volunteering at, blowing off more uni because Micallef was there for a session. As it turned out I was supposed to escort him and Corinne over to the room, although the woman introducing the session took them really and I just followed. I don't like the person I am in such situations, Micallefy, Shenoahy situations. I can't function properly, I start thinking in a weird abstract manner rather than appreciating the moment. if they register my presence at all they should feel such scorn for me and my feeble flailings. SIGH. I like to think it's because I'm not reaching my potential but realistically I think this is it. I just don't deserve to be there. sigh again.

Anyway, this is a rare nothing day and as I obviously can't afford to go anywhere I'm going to eat some peas and pickles (I think we have bread too!) and learn the Pajama Men dvd by heart.
Mark - uh, it is Friday at (checks phone) 14.22. Whatever that means, and we are...
Shenoah - I think that's the.. the year.
Mark - oh, wow.
It's almost almost comedy festival time so I'm feeling extra frisky and want to shout about it. I just got a list of the shows we can get comp tickets to :) and an invite to the opening night allstars show AND after party :))))) we may nab a club pass too, so that's 99% of my festival joy locked in already.

In the meantime I've watched the first series of Community and Shaun tip a bucket of sour cream over Josh Thomas' 83 year old grandmother. It's on tv tomorrow night and I do suggest you watch, the whole studio was shrieking, it was fantastic. And because they then had a big break so dear Mona could shower, the next filming started very late and they lost a chunk of the audience - so I hung around for that one too. I missed the last tram home but saw Shaun swear and do a bit of the Fabio dance (and say "root me" in the Fabio voice :D) so all was well.
I'm going to tayg again on Wednesday, after the ballet!! I'm going to the ballet. I don't think I've ever been in the Arts Centre for a proper Artsy thing, it's always comedy festival stuff.
Oh no, I saw Don's Party there when Colin was in it.

SPEAKING OF COLIN I'm going to be in the studio audience for the Circle tomorrow morning. Shut up with your mocking, Colin! Dear old Col. Check this shit out

who wouldn't want a slice of that action.

Other news, I'm totes gona apply for the Diploma of Live Production that begins in April, if I can scrape the bucks together. Damn bucks, how I loathe them yet how I lust after them.

That's about it. Pa's gone back west so it's just me and my brother and sister-in-law knocking about the flat. They keep doing the dishes, it's great.